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Empowered Women Strengthen The Entire Community

We are The Faiths Women Community UK

About Us

*Empowering women is like empowering the whole community*

Hajia Saidat Oketunde, Founder

Who We Are

We are a space for women to share individual experiences, learn from each other and empower one another. We represent all women groups and echo their voices in the community.

Three women leading a motivational talk in an indoor setting

Our Values







Ongoing Projects


Weekly sewing lessons for life free for all.

Weekly health and well-being dancing therapy. 

Weekend sports activities. 

Football community sessions for girls and boys. 

Education: Provide women from the community with basic IT skills and other educational programs.

Course leadership workshops.

Craft: Embrace the cultural heritage of different groups within the community with special craft classes.

Upcoming Projects:

Science Awareness 2023 workshop.

A woman writing in her notebook
A woman painting on plain white pottery vases
A close-up photograph of a woman reading


Helping with groceries
Community Meeting
The Founder

Faiths Women Community UK believes that through cooperation and co-ordination, we can make greater contribution to the society in the UK. We provide support to different ethnic group through breaking language barrier and empower women to seek for employment.

Meet the Team

Founder/Chair Hajia Saidat Oketunde, Educational Teacher/Parents and Youth Mentor/Community Project Coordinator

Secretary Nejoud Medjjoub, Teacher /Mentor 

Assistant Secretary Faridat Oketunde, Law Student 

Treasurer AdeBukola Ogunbiyi, Quantity Surveyor Officer 

Assistance Sherifat Lahan, Civil Service Home office UK

IT Social Media Fawziyah Oketunde, Biomedicine Students 

Event Organiser AdeNike Adekanye, Business Enterprises


Mentorship Lead Adebola Oshin, Business Enterprises  


We have received recognition from the community with 2 awards:

Faiths & Belief Forum 2021

Recognise Hero Award 2021

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